Gorge Mobile Detail is excited to announce Colby Harris (Lead Tech) and Walker Layne (Detail Specialist) have joined the GMD family.

Colby comes with a true passion for cars and restoring them to as close to new as the vehicle will allow. Having worked for multiple detailers he brings the attention to detail and the experience and methods from decades of experienced detailers to you. This young man knows what it takes to get your car in show condition.

Walker comes with a strong passion for cars as well. He also has worked with multiple detailers in the past, picking up techniques and methods. He is very motivated to get your car in show condition, even if the only show is you and your family. He has been working with Colby for 6 months prior to joining the GMD family and brings the quality of his experience with him.

Combined these two are a detailing force to be reckoned with. They'll get your car in the best condition it will allow while making your smiles per gallon higher than they have ever been.

To get this dynamic duo to come make you fall back in love with your car or truck call Colby at 503-369-7691