Gorge Mobile Detail is your premier mobile auto detailing business servicing the Columbia River Gorge. Bringing you the benefits of a detail shop without all the hassle, headache and running around, saving you time and money. Our licensed and insured, professionally trained detail team comes ready to tackle all of yours vehicles auto detailing needs with mobile detail packages starting at just $199*

Premium Interior Detail

Our premium interior detail begins with a very thorough and in depth vacuuming to remove dirt, dust and debris from the passenger compartment, and trunk. Next we sanitize and clean using steam, brushes, and interior safe cleaner. This includes the steering wheel, dash, door panels and other high traffic areas like cup holders, arm rest and center console. Mats are removed, vacuumed, spots are treated, scrubbed and rinsed. Seats both cloth and leather are deep cleaned top to bottom. Interior areas are sealed with with a water based non-greasy, UV protection that restores lost color and luster. This prevents cracking and fading while repelling stains and dust. Interior glass is cleaned last with tint safe cleaner and then wiped with a dry microfiber to remove any residue or streaking.

*Pricing is based on vehicle and condition. Additional charge for severe soiling, hair, mold etc where more time and product is needed than average.

Premium Exterior Detail

Our premium exterior detail is designed for the enthusiast who enjoy their vehicle looking it’s absolute best. We start with the wheels, tires and fender wells which are usually the dirtiest area on most vehicles. Next we move into the multi stage vehicle wash where we rinse, foam cannon and hand wash every inch of your vehicles exterior including door jambs and fuel door. After washing and rinsing we hand and air dry to prevent water spots and streaking. Wax is applied to seal and protect your vehicles paint and enhance the color and gloss. Tires are dressed with a water based, dry to the touch dressing that penetrates deep and restores that deep black look and shine while protecting from harmful UV.